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Wedding Dance Lessons – We welcome Couples from Across Sydney

There is so much to do prior to a wedding, there’s a risk that wedding dance lessons can become just another chore. We believe that your dance lessons should be special; a chance for couples to spend some quality time together, dancing and having fun as we create your amazing wedding dance. Dancing can also be a great stress buster that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of planning. Big weddings, intimate venues, first time couples, second or third time couples, same sex couples; we have worked with all kinds of wedding couples to create dances that are individual and special.

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Ready to make a big impression? Dance some wow into your wedding

Bespoke Wedding Dance Lesson Packages

From fully choreographed to simple and stylish, there’s a package to suit your wedding dance.
The studio is open from 12–10pm weekdays and Saturday from 10–4pm only for wedding lessons.

  • Bridal Dance Basics

    $400 inc GST
    4 Lessons + Initial Complimentary lesson to plan your dance

    Perfect for the couple who want to look natural and comfortable on the dance floor. We’ll show you how to freestyle steps while keeping in time with your music and enjoying your time in the spotlight.

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  • Natural and Polished

    $800 inc GST
    8 Lessons + Initial Complimentary lesson to plan your dance

    Ideal for the couple who don’t want to leave anything to chance. We’ll design and teach you a choregraphed routine that shows off your personalities and showcases your love for each other.

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  • Steal the Spotlight

    $1,000 inc GST
    10 Lessons + Initial Complimentary lesson to plan your dance + 1 lesson

    Designed for the couple who want the wow factor. We’ll create a choreographed routine that features special elements like fancy footwork or a dip that make your first dance fantastic and memorable.

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Book your couples wedding dance classes in Sydney today

Whether you are in Dural, Castle Hill, Rouse Hill or anywhere across Western Sydney, we welcome you to book your couples wedding dance classes today and let your hair down! Not only will you wow everyone on your big day, but you will have so much fun along the way.

Ready to make a big impression?

We can create a choreographed routine to your favourite track or put together a sequence of steps you can freestyle on the big day. If you don’t have a special song, we can even help you select the perfect piece of music, from a romantic rumba to a beautiful bolero or cheeky cha cha.

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From the big picture to the fine detail, we’ve got it covered

Our fully trained, professional instructors are young and enthusiastic so your lessons will be lots of fun. The aim is to teach you easy to remember steps that have the wow factor on the dance floor. We can also share our tips and tricks for everything from styling and adding pizzazz to your dance through to ways of managing your dress and headwear.

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  • Jess was an amazing instructor who made us feel very comfortable and confident to learn a routine for our first dance as a married couple. We don’t have a dancing background and didn’t know how to move together smoothly before starting. After a few lessons, we had learnt some moves and how to transition them together. Our first dance on our wedding day was so much fun and we both loved showing off what we practiced. Would recommend dancing lessons for any engaged couple to prepare for their first dance.

    Matt & Tiarna

  • Ben and I would like to send you a big thank you for all your help with preparing us for our bridal dance. You made the whole process a lot of fun and helped us to feel confident in what we were doing. Thanks again!

    Ben & Melissa

  • On behalf of Mike and I we would like to say thank you so much to Jess for teaching us our dance as we can’t wait to perform it in a few weeks’ time. Thanks again so much!

    Michael & Melissa

  • My wife and I came to Dani for lessons for our wedding dance. Dani was friendly, energetic and taught us a fantastic routine which wowed our guests. Matthew assisted in teaching us lifts to make them look smooth and effortless. We highly recommend Social Dance Company.

    Joel Bunker

  • Matthew is an amazing instructor, my wife and I used his expertise recently before we got married and our first dance was flawless thanks to his unbelievable guidance. We will always recommend Matthew to our friends or anyone who is looking for a charismatic instructor that is simply awesome! thanks so much!!

    Gerard Marino

  • My husband and I came here to be taught how to dance so we could do more than just shuffle at our wedding. We were completely blown away with what we managed to achieve under Dani’s instruction! Every lesson was so much fun, and it was something we both really enjoyed in the lead up to our wedding. Dani is a wonderful instructor, and such a great, happy person to work with – she really put us at ease. Thank you so much!  

    Holly Tompson

  • My wife and I took lessons with Matthew for our Wedding. We both fell in love with his teaching style and were happy with the results we achieved which showed through on our wedding night. 3 months on from our wedding we returned for social dancing lessons. We are permanents now and absolutely love how we can walk in after a hard day, connect with each other and walk out smiling!

    Jason & Mel

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