Dancing your way through self isolation

Dancing your way through self isolation

Whether you are an experienced social dancer or have never danced before, at Social Dance Company we are firm believers that dancing is a great way to stay sane and fit during the long days and nights ahead. 

Why dance?  Why not!!  It doesn’t require any fancy equipment, you can give it a go whether you are 8 or 80, it requires concentration so you don’t have time to worry or fret about anything else and best of all you get to touch your partner, fluffy toy, mop or whatever you are dancing with.  

Imagine, when this is all over, turning up to a function, hitting the dance floor and seeing your friend’s jaws drop when you bust a few moves.  Now, that’s putting your isolation to good use.

We also know that dancing lifts your mood which is super important if you tend to get a bit down or depressed.  Dancing releases feel good hormones so you’ll feel better for hours afterwards and that can only be a good thing in uncertain times.  

So, how do you get started?

Step One…

Choose your dance partner. If you are self-isolating with a partner or relative, they would be your obvious choice, but if you’d prefer someone who doesn’t answer back, give it a go with a soft toy, spade, broom or cushion. See if you can get friends in on the act and organise a Skype or Zoom dance session so you can learn together.

Step Two…

Find yourself some dance space, you don’t need much, just a few metres will work for most of the dances we’ll show you.  So, move the dining table against the wall, clear the chairs off the balcony or take over your spare room and get ready to dance.  

Step Three…

Take the first step, start learning and start dancing.  Yep, we’ve thought of everything, here’s a link to our 14 dances in 14 days challenge; it’s a free, fun and super easy way to learn the basic steps.  In each dance we explain what it is and the mood of the dance, we then walk you through a few basic steps that come together as a short sequence.  You can play the videos over and over and learn at your own pace.  

Step Four…

Get creative. It’s always more fun to dance to music you love, so try matching each dance to your favourite music.  Not sure what goes with what?  We’ve made it easy for you, check out our Spotify playlist, they list each dance and the songs that suit their rhythm and beat.     

Step Five…

Show off your dancing achievements, share, post videos and comment through our FB Page, we’d love to see how you go

Of course, if you are an experienced dancer you can revisit some of the basics in our 14 day challenge or do your own thing, revisit all those night club dances (Macarena or Nutbush anyone) Or just dance crazy with your friends over Skype, Zoom or Houseparty

So, are you ready for the 14-day challenge?  It’s great to work from home, get the cupboards sorted, play with the kids and all that other stuff but if you have 15 minutes a day, we guarantee you can dance some happiness into your life.  

Got questions? Email us at info@sdcompany.com.au  

Social Dance Company – let’s get everyone dancing!!

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