14 dances in 14 days

14 dances in 14 days

We understand the state of the world right now, so we’ve decided to share a bit of light, chuck some positivity around and keep everyone connected in this time of isolation.

Join us for the next 14 days. Your stay home challenge to learn a new dance every day. Whether you’re a small business, you’re in quarantine or you might be stuck at home. Whatever the case grab your partner, friend, family member, your favourite stuffed toy or just get yourself up from watching TV and let’s get the world connected by dancing.

Where here to not only support and keep everyone connected at home but also to help small businesses in our community. If you’re another dance studio, local business, we would love to see your videos and help our small business community through these difficult times.

It’s not about competition any more but connecting the world through dance

We can’t wait to hear from you and see all your videos.

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14 dances in 14 days

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