Wedding Dance FAQ

Wedding Dance FAQ

When should we book our lessons and how many?

Please don’t leave it to the last minute, we recommend starting 3 – 4 months before the wedding with a regular weekly or fortnightly lesson. The number of lessons will depend on each couple but usually range from 6 to 12 lessons to become comfortable and competent

How long should the dance be?

No more than 2.5 minutes! It doesn’t seem like long, but you can cover a lot of dance moves in a very short space of time, your dance instructor will edit it to time.

When should the dance be scheduled?

The wedding dance signals it’s time for everyone to get up and party so traditionally it has been presented after the cake cutting. However, it’s your wedding and if you find it too stressful waiting, you can actually start the reception with the wedding dance so you can then kick back and enjoy the rest of the reception.

What shoes do I wear for lessons?

Preferably you should wear the same shoes that you will be wearing at the reception so you can “wear them in” and get comfortable, especially if they are high heels. If that’s not possible just wear something similar and guys, try not to wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes as they tend to stick to the floor.

Who started this wedding dance stuff?

Wedding dances have been around since the 17th century when the highest-ranking people in the ballroom opened the dance with a Quadrille. In modern times the first dance you have as a couple is symbolic of a life in partnership. It’s become a common part of wedding celebrations and the good news is you no longer need to learn a quadrille!

Get the Bridal Party up and dancing

You don’t want to be the only ones on the dance floor so treat the Bridal Party to a dance event. We can organise private or group lessons for your bridal party to get everyone involved with at least a few basic steps under their belts. We also can help with choreographed Father/ Daughter dances.

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