Wedding Dance Guide for Grooms AKA the Leaders

Wedding Dance Guide for Grooms AKA the Leaders

The vote is in! After the proposal and the “I do”, it seems the scariest part of any wedding for a groom is the dreaded wedding dance. Just when you thought it was all over and you could relax with a glass of something cold… you are expected to perform in front of an audience. We know what you’re thinking… “I’ve got two left feet, get me outta here”. Let’s take some the stress out the situation with the Guys Guide to Wedding Dances.

What about my two left feet? I’ll never learn to dance

Okay, first thing to remember is if you can walk you can dance! We always recommend you go for private rather than group lessons so the instructor can concentrate on you and you are not trying to dance in front of strangers. The trick is to leave plenty of time for lessons and then time to practice so you can be confident and relaxed on the big day. You’ll be taught the steps and how to dance them in time to your music.

Most importantly you’ll also be taught how to lead those steps. Yep, this is the one part of the wedding where you are in charge.

Floor size counts

It’s a good idea to know the size of the dance floor when you come in for your first lesson, this way your instructor can pick a dance that is sure to fit the area you have to dance on.

Jacket on or off?

If you are wearing a jacket always have it done up when you are up and about. This way it does not flair out at the bottom and create a messy look in your wedding photographs. When it comes to the dance take the jacket off, so the shoulders don’t push up and your jacket won’t flair out and cover the bride.

Does the wedding dance have to be a routine like Dancing with the Stars?

Forget the spangly shirts and over the top poses, your dance is supposed to make your guests go “Aaaahhhh” rather than score you out of ten. If you are both happy to show off on the dance floor you can perform a fully choreographed routine, but many couples choose a simple sequence of steps with some highlighted “moments” that can be performed with confidence. Our experienced dance teachers will make sure the steps fit your skill level and your personalities. Some couples prefer to learn a selection of steps and then freestyle the dance to their music. This approach will also give you enough dance skills to be able to confidently dance at the reception, on your honeymoon and beyond.

What if I make a mistake?

The majority of people at the wedding won’t be dancers so they won’t notice minor errors, keep smiling so people focus on your face and not your feet and remember they will all be watching your beautiful bride. To be on the safe side we recommend a 2-drink maximum before the wedding dance.

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