Here’s to a wonderful 2021

Here’s to a wonderful 2021

The Brides Guide to All Things Wedding Dances

This blog is for all brides and grooms to be and covers everything from how to decide what dance to do, choosing music, finding a dance studio and tips and tricks for enjoying your first dance.

For our last blog for 2020 we just wanted to wish all those brides and grooms still in planning mode a fabulous festive season. 

We know from being a wedding dance studio just how stressful it has been in the wedding community.  Restrictions and lockdowns have meant that weddings have been rescheduled, cancelled and rebooked again.  As a studio, we’ve also seen the emotional strain it’s been for couples and we are delighted that several of our couples decided to take on some social dancing while they waited for their big day.

But there have also been a few positives, we’ve found that couples are taking more time to think about their wedding day and discover what is important to them, which has often led to a very different wedding than originally planned.  I’ve also noticed a few trends that were created during COVID and will remain options for 2021, such as elopements, micro weddings and allowing guests to ZOOM in to share the celebrations.

We’ll resume our blogs in 2021 with what happens on your first wedding dance lesson, what to wear, what to expect, and tips and tricks for enjoying your first dance together.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to catch up with our first four blogs click here or keep up to date with everything weddings on our Instagram page click here.

My name is Dani Bliss and I’ve been choreographing and teaching couples their wedding dances for over 15 years.  Last year I got married and experienced the wedding dance from a whole new perspective. 

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