Your first Wedding Dance lesson

Your first Wedding Dance lesson

The Brides Guide to All Things Wedding Dances 

This blog is for all brides and grooms to be and covers everything from how to decide what dance to do, choosing music, finding a dance studio along with tips and tricks for enjoying your first dance.

So, you’ve found the dance studio that’s the perfect fit for you and your fiancé and it’s finally time for your first lesson.  Here’s what to expect.

This is where the nerves kick in and all those “will I look stupid, I’ve got two left feet and what if I can’t dance”, worries kick in.  Take a deep breath and relax, trust us, it will be fine…

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your first lesson…

  • Turn up at least 10 minutes early for your lesson, this will mean you won’t be rushed and flustered and will have a chance to look around if you haven’t been to the studio before
    • Most studios have bottled water or a coffee machine so you can help yourself to a drink before your lesson
    • Usually there’s an area to change your shoes and sit and relax before your lesson
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in and remember you need to be able to move easily so forget those pencil skirts or super tight jeans!
  • For the bride, it’s a good idea to wear your wedding shoes (or something similar) especially if you are planning on wearing super high heels as the choreography may need to be adapted to suit your footwear
  • Leather sole shoes are preferable for men and it’s advisable to stay away from rubber soled sneakers as they can stick to the floor!

You’ll probably spend the first few minutes of your lesson chatting to your instructor so they can get an idea of your personality, what your dream wedding dance might look like, and how you interact as a couple.  This is all invaluable information for when they are choreographing your wedding dance to make it individual to you.  Now is a good time to tell your instructor

  • Whether you have chosen a particular song or songs
  • What dance you would like to do or how you would like to look
  • The size of your reception dance floor or space, if you know it

If you don’t have any ideas about music or style of dance your instructor should be able to come up with some suggestions based on the types of music you like. 

The next step is to get you up on the dance floor and show you some basic dance steps based on your music or dance choice, this will help your instructor see how you move naturally and as a couple, so they can develop choreography or introduce steps that will work for you both. 

At the end of your first lesson, depending on whether you are going for a “Steal the Spotlight” approach with a fully choreographed routine or a more “Natural and Polished” approach freestyling a range of steps, your instructor will have a much better idea of what will work for you and you will have had lots of fun and know at least 3 new dance steps!!

Next Blog we’ll cover what to expect during your other lessons and how the “curve of learning” works!!

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My name is Dani Bliss and I’ve been choreographing and teaching couples their wedding dances for over 15 years.  In 2019 I got married and experienced the wedding dance from a whole new perspective. 

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