Wedding Party Dances

Wedding Party Dances

The Brides Guide to All Things Wedding Dances

This blog is for all brides and grooms to be and covers everything from how to decide what dance to do, choosing music, finding a dance studio along with tips and tricks for enjoying your first dance.

Once you’ve sorted out your wedding dance, it’s time to think about your wedding party and how they can get involved. It’s easy to leave this part of the day to chance and let people do their own thing, but like everything, if you want a perfect day, you’ll need to take charge…

Your Parents

We often get so tied up in the planning we forget that the wedding is a very emotional time for our parents and inviting them to participate in a Mother/Son or Father/Daughter dance can be a special way of shining a light on the people who brought you up.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to include them in the rituals of the wedding day so why not sit them down and ask if it’s something they would like to do?  You may be surprised at who says yes, I know from experience that a very conservative dad or quiet mum has jumped at the chance to dance.  I usually recommend that you keep it simple and enjoy with a few basic steps and a format for no longer than 2 minutes…. trust me, it feels much longer when you are on the dancefloor!  For this approach you will only need 3 – 5 lessons, but more if you want to do something more choreographed.

Your Bridal Party

To be honest this can be a triumph or a disaster! We’ve all seen those car crashes where nervous bridesmaids and awkward groomsmen who have never danced together before try and improvise to the music and end up stepping on each other’s feet.  If you want your bridal party to dance, I suggest at least a couple of lessons, so they know how to get into dance frame, lead and follow basic steps or just sway in time to the music. You’ll find it makes all the difference and is actually a great bonding exercise for the Bridal Party.

If you want to go all out with something more choreographed, you’ll need between 6 and 10 lessons depending on the style and complexity of the dance.  We recommend these dances should only be around a minute and preferably something fun and energetic. 

Scheduling the Wedding Party Dances?

It’s completely up to you, so you can be flexible.  For instance, the father/daughter dance can be first with the father handing the daughter to her husband for their first dance. Father/daughter mother/son dances can also share the dance floor before the bridal couples first dance.  The bridal party can follow on with a fun, upbeat song, which will get all the guests up and dancing.

You wedding is a great opportunity to celebrate the special people in your life, why not do it with dance!

Next week it’s all about the big day and how to relax and enjoy your first dance.

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