Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day

The Brides Guide to All Things Wedding Dances

This blog is for all brides and grooms to be and covers everything from how to decide what dance to do, choosing music, finding a dance studio along with tips and tricks for enjoying your first dance.

After all the waiting, it’s finally here, your big day…

With so much to think about, the last worry on your mind should be your first dance together.  Your lessons should have given you the confidence you need to step out on the dance floor for your first time together as husband and wife but here are a few tips and tricks to make it even easier!!

Fit in a little sneaky practice…

  • Why not take some together time between the ceremony and reception to practice a few dance moves?  This last-minute practice will give you a chance to review your steps and see how your gown moves.
  • Bonus!  A couple of dance poses would make great photos   

Do you really need “liquid confidence”?

  • It may seem like a good idea at the time, but a few drinks can spell disaster on the dance front, especially when added to all the emotions of your wedding day.  If you and your “to be” really like to party, why not rework your run sheet and make your wedding dance the first thing on the wedding reception schedule
    • Bonus! Then you can really relax and enjoy a few champagnes  

Men, take off your jacket…

  • I know you’ve probably spent months perfecting your look with an immaculately tailored jacket, but trust me, suit jackets aren’t designed to look good with your arms up.  Leaving your jacket open will crowd the bride and going for the button up look will just make you look like Mr. Incredible
    • Bonus!  You’ll feel cool and look cool without a jacket

Ladies, train your train!

  • Hopefully your dance instructor will have given you some ideas of the best way to handle your train or bustle.  Now is the time to try a couple of moves to make sure it is secure and won’t get in your way on the dancefloor

Ladies and Gentlemen …. Presenting the happy couple

  • This is the moment everyone has been waiting for as you take centre stage at your reception.  Here’s how to really enjoy your first dance
    • Take a deep breath, look at each other and take those first steps onto the dancefloor. You will have practiced your big entrance so look up, smile and be in the moment
    • Mistakes happen, your dance instructor should have covered his with you but it’s not about what goes wrong, it’s about how you cope.  It can be hard to fix things mid step, so stay calm, stop and start that step again.
      • By the way, most mistakes are invisible to your audience; unless they are dance instructors, they won’t know what was supposed to happen
      • No one is holding up scorecards, your guests will be super impressed that you are dancing just for them
    • Don’t over dance
      • Sometimes the adrenalin or nerves kick in and one of you starts to “over dance”, that’s a technical term for arms everywhere, random turns and unplanned dips!! 
      • Relax, remember this is all about you as a couple not the hired entertainment.
    • Let him (or her) lead
      • Traditionally in social dancing the man leads and the lady follows so in your lessons your instructor will teach the man how to lead each component of the dance
        • The same applies to same sex couples where one of the partners is a designated leader
      • You can’t have two leaders so if you are a follower please go with the flow and resist the temptation to “back lead”
        • Keep in mind the leader is probably way out of their comfort zone so don’t stress them out
    • Be ready for applause
      • Focus on your partner during your first dance and try and stay in the moment
        •  Seeing your mum crying or your mate cheering can take your attention away from remembering your steps. 
      • It’s wonderful to have friends and family cheer you on but don’t let it distract you.
    • Take your bow
      • Congratulations, you did it.

We’ve loved being a part of the journey to your first dance.  Our last blog is all about you, we’ll be answering all your questions about wedding dances.  Got a question?  Email me at

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